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Build your Trial Set

Go ahead, add in the categories you use.

Shave $5.00 Remove

Everything you need for a
delightfully smooth shave.

  • Razor Cartridges (4 pk)
  • Razor Handle (1 ct)
  • Shave Butter Travel (3 oz)
Shower $5.00 Remove

Take a better shower with
herbal, nature-inspired scents.

  • Body Cleanser Trial (1 fl oz)
  • Shampoo Trial (1 fl oz)
  • Daily Face Cleanser Trial (1 fl oz)
Oral Care $5.00 Remove

Experience a peppermint
roundhouse kick to the chops.

  • Toothpaste Trial (1 oz)
  • Toothbrush (1 brush)


How it all works

Your first box includes trial sizes.

They’re big enough to help you realize how much you love all of our products.

Restock box arrives two weeks later.

Inside are full-size versions of the products in the first box.

Future boxes are up to you

Anytime you want, you can add & remove products, and adjust how often you get shipments. Easy.

So what‘s the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. No sneaky contracts, no tricksy fine print, and no BS. Still not convinced? Read on.

How does the Trial Set work?

It's simple. A Trial Set gets you well, started. You'll receive trial-sized versions of our products. There should be enough to last you a couple of weeks, which is just long enough to get you hooked!

What happens after the Trial Set?

Two weeks after you get your Trial Set, we'll ship you full-sized versions of the products in the Trial Set. From there, we'll automatically ship you a Restock Box to replenish those products every two months. If that shipment frequency doesn't fit your needs, then don't worry. You've got total control of what ships and when.

Why should I get it?

Well, when you get amazing products delivered automatically, you’ll always look, feel, and smell your best. So that’s good. And you won’t run out of what you need in the bathroom at an inopportune time. Also good. AND you don’t have to trudge to the store when you run out. Also also good.

Is your stuff any good?

Indeed it is. We’ve got award winning products made from top shelf ingredients. You’ll feel the difference.

Is this like one of those record clubs that are impossible to cancel?

No way. We hope you stay, but we don’t make it hard to leave. It’s easy to cancel online. Maybe a little too easy…

You’re convinced, right?

Good. Now it’s time to take the plunge and build yourself a Trial Set with shave, shower, and oral care products.

Buy $ Build your Trial Set